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    About ClayLime

    The Natural coatings, Claystone, Creatina, Monosoft and TadelaktPro, impart unmatched elegance and resistance to all types of surfaces, floors, interior and exterior walls, furniture, bathrooms and walk-in shower’s walls. For over 10 years, these natural and innovative products have demonstrated superb & consistent performances. The natural coating systems Claystone, Creatina, Monosoft and TadelaktPro are manufactured and commercialized under an exclusive license granted by C.H. Gernaert (sole owner of the products rights). The ClayLime coatings are available in more than 10 countries through a network of distributors and partners who share the same values as ClayLime.


    ClayLime does not just sell products. To ensure that our customers obtain superb & consistent results with our coating systems while taking the best advantages of their ease of use and convenience, we provide customized training and technical assistance.


    We are constantly developing new products, responding herewith to aesthetic and application requirement challenges that customers are bringing up to us.

    • Special Projects

    Our Technical services department works with our customers in the realization of special projects all over the world, adapting the coating systems to specific aesthetics and performance requirements.