MonoSoft, our based lime plaster in one layer


MonoSoft is a multipurpose plaster, a mixture of rock powder, aggregates and lime with a diluted polymer binder that gives it all its refined appearance with limited effects, as well as high resistance.

MonoSoft is an innovative plaster and accessible to all. Very easy to apply in a 2 layers, it transcends the refined elegance of its rendering for any type of surface to be covered or renovated.

As a result of ClayLime’s years of experience and research in waxed concrete, the MonoSoft, with its smooth and soft appearance, is ‘ the’ easy and effective solution for transforming any interior at a lower cost.


The advantages of MonoSoft natural plaster

  • Natural coating, without VOC
  • Very smooth and soft appearance with little effect
  • Very easy to apply with a trowel in 2 layers – max 2mm thick in total
  • Allows to be worked without ‘burning’ the surface until the desired effect is obtained
  • Available in water and stain-resistant version
  • Can be used on tiled surface and on shower walls

Download MonoSoft technical data sheet

Download MonoSoft safety sheet

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Maintenance guide

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