ClayLime - Natural coatings for floors, walls and furniture.
Through the expertise in natural plastering, and sharing this knowledge via professional training, ClayLime leads the way in preserving tradition whilst embracing contemporary design practices.
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A clay based plaster for floors without the hazards of cement

Claystone is a highly resistant clay and quartz-based plaster. It has a mineral appearance, giving a smooth concrete or natural stone effect to all types of surface.
It is recommended for furniture or a natural stone effect but can be apply on floors and walls.
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The multi-purpose coating that combines performance and creativity

Creatina is a fine, versatile lime-based plaster that can be used to create unique effects such as stucco, faux marble, etc. to elegantly dress and restore all types of surface.

Creatina is the creative plaster par excellence.

The natural elegance in one single layer

MonoSoft is ClayLime’s most versatile lime plaster, giving a soft, sober, smooth appearance to your entire interior: floors, walls and furniture.

It is particularly recommended for bathrooms and shower walls.

The sensual beauty of tadelakt without the difficulty of application

TadelaktPro is a unique lime-based mixture that is easier for professionals to apply than traditional tadelakt. Water-resistant, it offers a silky, warm and sensual touch.

Recommended for hammams and wall decoration.

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Wonderstone, the natural coating ready for use.

Wonderstone is ClayLime’s new ready-to-use, cement-free natural rendering. With its mineral appearance and deep shades, Wonderstone is available in 20 colours to enhance floors and walls.

Wonderstone has been specially designed to simplify the work of applicators. It comes pre-tinted. Simply mix with the specified amount of water.

Recommended for floors and walls.

About Claylime

ClayLime is a Belgian brand of top-of-the-range natural decorative coatings, based on essential values such as respect for the environment and the transmission of the know-how required for the correct use of its products.

Wonderstone, Claystone, MonoSoft, Creatina and TadelaktPro plasters are manufactured by the Belgian company ClayLime srl under an exclusive licence granted by C.H. Gernaert, creator of the brand and owner of the products and the rights to them. ClayLime coatings are exported to more than 10 countries through a network of distributors and partners who all share the same values.


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ClayLime natural coatings are designed by a team of R & D composed of experts in formulation of eco-responsible products and professional applicators whose common objective is the development of ever more innovative and efficient coatings.

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