ClayLime - Natural coatings for floors, walls and furniture.

ClayLime is a Producer of top-of-the-range natural decorative coatings, located in Belgium.

We embrace the core values of integrity, customer dedication, knowledge sharing & responsibility toward the environment.

A waxed concrete of beauty without the hazards of cement

Claystone for floors and walls, the natural and permanent alternative to cement.

Claystone is a very hardwearing coating based on clay and sedimentary rocks, VOC-free, and is ideal for covering interior floors, interior and exterior walls and worktops.

concreet waxed bathroom

The multi-purpose coating that combines performance and creativity

Creatina, a coating with a wide variety of finishes, very soft to the touch, has a matchless classical beauty. It provides the most versatile solution for decorating or giving a completely new elegant look to walls, floors, showers and pieces of furniture.

The natural elegance in one single layer

ClayLime introduces the MonoSoft, a coating of a new formula based on sedimentary rocks, lime and other natural adjuvants.
This innovative coating with a great ease of applying gives a finish with elegant and refined effects. Very resistant, MonoSoft is the ideal coating for interior walls and floors.

The sensual beauty of tadelakt without the difficulty of application

TadelaktPro is a unique blend of different limestone powders that makes it easier to apply and the result is permanent. It is waterproof and silky to the touch, warm and sensual.

Wonderstone, the natural coating ready for use.

Wonderstone is the new natural and without cement decorative coating by ClayLime. It has been specially designed to make the application of waxed concrete accessible by any individual who is a bit of a do-it-yourselfer.

About Claylime

The Natural coatings, Claystone, Creatina, Monosoft, and TadelaktPro, impart unmatched elegance and resistance to all types of surfaces, floors, interior and exterior walls, furniture, bathrooms and walk-in shower’s walls.

For over 10 years, these natural and innovative products have demonstrated superb & consistent performances.

The natural coating systems Claystone, Creatina, Monosoft, and TadelaktPro are manufactured and commercialized under an exclusive license granted by C.H. Gernaert (sole owner of  the products rights).

The ClayLime coatings are available in more than 10 countries through a network of distributors and partners who share the same values as ClayLime.

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ClayLime natural coatings are designed by a team of R & D composed of experts in formulation of eco-responsible products and professional applicators whose common objective is the development of ever more innovative and efficient coatings.

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