ClayStone - natural clay plaster with a concrete effect


Claystone for floors and walls, the natural and permanent alternative to cement.

Claystone is a very hardwearing coating based on clay and sedimentary rocks, VOC-free, and is ideal for covering interior floors, interior and exterior walls and worktops.

The advantages of the Claystone clay-based coating:

  • Natural VOC-free clay-based coating
  • Natural stone or smooth finish
  • Very solid and hard-wearing for use on floors and walls
  • Easy to apply, without the disadvantages of cement
  • Microporous, allowing passage of air
  • Can be used on top of  tiled surfaces
  • Can be rendered stain-resistant and waterproof

Download Claystone technical data sheet

Download Claystone material safety data sheet

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Maintenance guide for ClayLime’s plasters

Claystone application tutorial for walls in one layer :