ClayLime® Easy tadelakt finish for bathroom or walk-in shower

TadelaktPro™ by ClayLime® is a product that combines tradition and technology, inspired by an age-old oriental technique.
This ecological lime coating acts as a fungicide and a natural humidity and temperature regulator, giving a smooth, warm rendering with silky colours. The coating par excellence for water features.
Easy to apply by a professional and very durable, TadelaktPro™ places the most prestigious finishes within the reach of your home interior.

Questo composto alla calce possiede le proprietà del tadelakt marocchino e presenta molti vantaggi:

  • Intonaco ecologico a base di calce
  • Effetti identici al tadelakt orientale
  • Più facile da applicare
  • Dal tocco setoso, caldo e sensuale
  • Impermeabile, ideale per bagni e zone d’acqua
  • Applicabile su supporti fissi, mobili, pavimenti e pareti


Tavolozza dei colori Tadelaktpro